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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Green Day tickets still available

Jon Mandle at CrookedTimber saw Green Day last night, and gives a rave review. But I'm still not quite sure I'm ready to go to an arena show these days... I barely enjoy going out to a movie, preferring the comfort of familiar surroundings, loungewear and remote control. But I did find this bit interesting:
I was expecting to be the oldest person there and maybe to see some of my students. I was doubly wrong. There seemed to be very few college kids there, but plenty of people my age – late 30s to early 40s – but they were there with their middle-school kids. Probably three-quarters of the crowd was between, say, 12 and 16. (One of my 4-1/2 year old’s favorite songs for at least the past year has been Green Day’s cover of the Ramone’s “Outsider” – when it comes on, she drops everything and just starts laughing and running through the house. Still, she stayed home.)

and I'm heartened to learn that there is still a place for protest in pop. Is Green Day the CSNY of Four Way Street for those 14-year-olds?
There was a low-level, inchoate political vibe that seemed a little more than just the expected anti-authoritarian posturing. They opened with “American Idiot” and closed their set with “Minority” and introduced “Holiday” as “a big ‘fuck you’ to the politicians who have power right now.” But the line of the night was certainly when Billie Joe Armstrong introduced the band, culminating in this: “And I’m George W. Bush.” Crowd: “Boo!” Armstrong: “You better hope you don’t go bankrupt.” Well, it got a big laugh from me, anyway.
By the way, did I mention the four Greeen Day tickets for the May 4 show at the Labatt Centre in London, Ontario that we have available? Not everybody at once, please...


Blogger darnnews said...

I heart CSNY, even if they were in it for the coke and money. I'm listening to a live show right now that features a long Steve Stills piano improv where he talks abous Jebus as the first non-violent revolutionary. Stills > Jebus.


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