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Thursday, April 07, 2005

turn, turn, turn

Wolcott sees over the horizon... interesting times, indeed. I still just don't see how this worm didn't turn before November last... sigh...

Our political system has failed us, our media have failed us, and neither have any inkling of the Wagnerian drama about to unfold.

UPDATE: hadn't seen this from Bob last week, but he seems every bit as gloomy as Wolcott...

Funny, I haven't seen the TV anchors mentioning this at all.

Looking at the CNN website right now: ooh, there's a new appeal in the Schiavo case, a Boy Scout leader enjoys boys wearing knickers, Hilary Swank has legal trouble, Jerry Falwell is sick, 300,000 people are dead without context in Sudan, Moby has a new album, and there's a special report on how Katherine Harris' political career is going.

You'd think CNN would at least mention the likely self-inflicted demise of civilization.


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