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Friday, August 12, 2005

the new thermocouple is go

I finally broke down and bought a new thermocouple for the used pyrometer that came with the used kiln. This has made firing possible once again, and none too soon, as the greenware inventory was outgrowing the available shelf space.

As I write, the pyrometer reads 300 C, and the ramp seems to be appropriate so far. Two full bisque loads are backed up, and those will make 4 or 5 glaze loads, yikes! Three firings and already I need a bigger kiln. At least the crazy glue worked on the broken glass over the dial.

So, anybody wanna buy some crude local pottery, nothing like this or this.

UPDATE: the thermocouple read 980 C when the kiln sitter tripped, so I'm pretty sure it is working ok. the ware came out very nice... planning some glazes with an alpine theme...


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