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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Harold Pinter on the Debac Iraqle

Harold Pinter blisters the American foreign policy that brought us to this turn of events.

Neddie and all the other kids are raving aboout it. I have to agree, but I don't think the American people will hear it. They are becoming more afraid by the day, afraid that they may have made a few rash decisions and bad gambles in what was, after all, the American Century, just passed.

Bush is rebounding off his truly low lows, as the buyer's remorse the electorate is feeling is countered with the reflexive rationalizing that leads eventually to a purse of approximately silkish construction. He may be a dim bully, but he's their dim bully, and they will align again behind him in the face of such as Pinter. You know, the intelligent, educated segments of society.

I fear for our kids, Neddie. It will be an ugly world they live their lives in.



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