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Saturday, April 08, 2006

in our time

BBC Radio 4 has a great discussion program called In Our Time. The miracle that is podcasting has allowed me to enjoy discussions of 17th Century Print Culture, the Abassid Caliphate, and the Royal Society at my leisure, pausing when interrupted, going back to repeat a tricky exposition, and actually engaging with the presented topic even more than is possible while listening to the radio.

Taking even greater control of the technology, yesterday I broke down and bought a USB TV tuner and video capture card. Installed it on the rec room machine this morning, and I will now be able to see Lost even if I am busy on Wednesday. Expect to see random screen shots of mundane televisual moments posted here soon.

And thanks to Neddie and Bobby for their musical stylings. I have finally figured out how to save the mp3 files I was only streaming prior to this week, so I will be burning some of their stuff to push on people as we move into this summer's social scene, proving my theoretical, if not applied, hipness.

New wireless card this week, too, so I am back to recliner-and-loungewear blogging.


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