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Friday, May 13, 2005

give an inch?

Kevin Drum and Matt Yglesias are pretty accomodating...

... we can be in favor of the principle of separation of church and state without feeling like we have to fight every single battle to the death. Just like we can be in favor of progressive taxation without favoring 90% marginal rates and we can be in favor of the minimum wage without favoring a ten dollar increase. There's no law that says every principle has to be carried to its absolute logical limit.

We've won 90% of this battle, and that's good enough for me. Beyond that, I'm happy to allow local communities some leeway. It makes them happy and it doesn't do much harm unless you're just aching for a fight. On this issue, it might be time to declare victory and go home.

Doesn't feel that much like 90% of a win from where I stand. The palpable sense among the aspiring theocracy is akin to a "Manifest Destiny," in which they have every expectation of dominion over the nation. It would be nice if we could all just get along, but culture wars are the new black, I fear.


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