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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

glaze kiln

the bisque went well on Saturday, and so the mugs are now in a glaze firing, 10 1/2 hrs along up to 1050 C, hoping to get to 1210 C by 7 pm or so... don't know why I was so intimidated by firing the thing... so far it has been way less difficult than I had imagined, and I haven't felt the need to call for an experienced hand to sit with me through the first time... biting tongue now...

UPDATE: the kiln sitter kicked off around 7pm as expected last night, with the pyrometer only at approximately 1120... probably reading a bit low, maybe 40-60 C, as the bisque kiln read about the same short of cone 06.

Unloaded today at noon, and am very pleased with the results, hardly any rust fell in from the lid, glaze looks mature, pieces appropriately rustic, as befits crude local pottery...


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